Best Guitar Wall Hangers for Mid-Level Players

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You’re not a beginner anymore, and taking your craft seriously means taking care of your equipment. 

Part of that is finding the best guitar wall hanger. It needs to secure the instrument, fit your living space, and, let’s face it, fit your personality. Music is an art, and you need to take that into account. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about floor dirt or possible damage from pets or kids when you go with a wall display.

Most wall hangers come with all the necessary screws and other hardware. You will just need a hand drill.

Check out our researched list of wall hangers.

  • Hercules GSP38WB 
  • String Swing CC01KOAK
  • Top Stage JX18-NA
  • FretRest by Proline GH1
  • Ohuhu
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Does It Matter Where I Hang My Guitar?

Before you start drilling holes, make sure you really think about where you are hanging your guitar. It matters.

You don’t want it in high-traffic areas where people can accidentally bump into it. Avoid windows where there’s heavy direct sunlight that can damage the finishing. Along the same lines, guitars do better in stable versus extreme temperatures.

Consider taking the extra time to find the wood studs in your wall. Those are the wood planks that are the foundation and provide much more stability.

If that’s not an option, you can simply mount the hangers on drywall or sheetrock.

And after mounting, make sure you test it out by carefully hanging your guitar with some support underneath for that first hanging.

Hercules GSP38WB Mountable Acoustic Guitar Wall Hanger with Wood Base and Auto Grip System: Best Overall

This one has earned every one of its five-star ratings.

The Auto-Grip System is the signature and most beloved feature of the Hercules. Essentially, it’s the closest thing to an enclosed fist holding your instrument.

When you hang the guitar and press it into the back of the mount, the two side tabs automatically slide up to lock the guitar in place for an extra sense of security. Some Hercules versions have foam cuffs to accommodate narrower guitar necks.

There’s also an auto-swivel function. Reasonably thick foam covers the hooks.

As the name suggests, the Hercules holds a lot of weight, so it’s great for a bass, an acoustic, or an electric guitar. It’s built long enough for the guitar to hang away from the wall.

Plus, the wood base matches anything. You don’t have to worry about it being a tacky addition to any room.

String Swing CC01KOAK Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger: Easiest To Install

String Swing products are top-of-the-line and never disappoint. So it’s a must for our list. This guitar wall hanger is in a class all of its own with its unique, rock-solid hook design for a snug fit for most every headstock design.

It holds a 12-string guitar and all the way up to the bigger acoustics, so no worries if your guitar will fit. The manufacturer guarantees a 15-lb weight limit.

Besides the sturdiness, what we like best is the easy installation.

This guitar wall hanger can go through drywall and comes with plastic, but very large anchors. If you’re not completely comfortable with that, you can also use the wall’s wood stud for extra assurance.

It holds the guitar about five inches, nearly six, away from the wall for clearance.

It has a plastic arm and the sticky soft rubber wrap. A lot of firm support as the arm hangs off the wooden post.

And the classy wood just looks great.

Top Stage Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger Wall Stand, JX18-NA: Perfect For Your Stratocaster

These hanger hooks have some twist to the hooks. It’s an important feature to hold guitars with a headstock that may be uneven, like the Stratocasters.

The construction is one of its top qualities. There’s a long screw to increase confidence that this guitar wall hanger will hold in place.

It has a slightly sticky soft rubber wrap which is better than foam. Some players find that foam can eventually damage the finishing (especially the nitro lacquer finish).

FretRest by Proline GH1 Guitar Wall Hanger, Black: Ideal For Adjustments

Another guitar wall hanger with twistable, adjustable hooks. FretRests can turn into a narrow enough hook to hold a Telecaster or other thin headstocks.

It has a heavy-duty metal beam as a holding rod. What’s most unique is that there’s a metal arm attached to the wood board post. It’s actually screwed in through the back for a very strong hold.

The adjustable hooks are the real winner here, though it’s a feature that not every wall hanger has.

Without some twist or give, you run the risk of hooks that are too wide. That forces the instrument to slide all the way down where it’s resting on the tuner knob and that’s unacceptable.

Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 2-Pack, Ohuhu Guitar Hanger Wall Hook Holder Stand for Bass Electric Acoustic Guitar Ukulele: Best Value

Here’s a more economical option with four hangers in a pack. It doesn’t have as many features as the others on our list, but it does the job.

Ohuhu hangers have a vertical two-screw design with rubber rings on the hook to adjust to your specific instrument.

Don’t be fooled by the lightweight wood. It’s going to hold the weight of your guitar.

The adjustable stoppers are an awesome feature for this guitar wall hanger.

Multiple packs are a must if you have more than one guitar. But it’s also great if you want to play in more than just one room.

Our Top Pick

While we love all the guitar hangers on our list for a variety of reasons, our top pick is the Hercules GSP38WB. Not only is it durable and has a firm grip, but it’s one of the more versatile guitar hangers on the market.

Do yourself a favor and get your guitars off the floor and on a great wall hanger. It’s an experience all of its own to see your guitar on display. 

Don’t let the fear of safety keep you from trying it out. There are great-build guitar wall hangers out there that will keep your instrument secure.